One of my favorite genres of books are cozy mysteries. I am often surprised that even the most avid readers don’t know what a cozy mystery is. Cozy mysteries , also called “cozies”, are a subgenre of crime fiction where sex and violence are treated humorously. The characters in these books are almost always amateurs and almost always women. The murders take place off screen and the violence is never described in the book. Sexual activity, even between married characters is only slightly implied and sometimes it is often avoided completely. What drew me to cozy mysteries is that cat lovers are prominent in cozy mysteries, and quite often a cat is an important part of the story.

There are so many wonderful cozy mystery authors, but I do have a favorite. Her name is Leighann Dobbs.

The first  book I read of hers is “Ghostly Paws” which is Book 1 in the Mystic Notch Cozy Mystery Series. There are currently six books in this series.  This is a synopsis of Ghostly Paws as seen on Amazon.

Middle age can be murder …

At least that’s how it seems to former crime journalist, Wilhelmina Chance, whose near-fatal accident has given her a strange side effect … she sees ghosts.

After a messy divorce sends her fleeing back to her hometown of Mystic Notch, nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Willa finds herself haunted by the tenacious ghost of the town librarian who insists Willa solve her murder.

Luckily, she has lots of help, including a quirky cast of small-town characters, the cat she’s inherited from her grandmother, and her best friend, Pepper, who claims her herbal teas can work magic.

But just when Willa thinks she’s discovered who the killer is, she finds out that things are not what they seem in Mystic Notch, and the case takes a strange turn that has Willa adding even some of her long-time friends to her suspect list.

Can Willa find the real killer in time to keep the magical balance in Mystic Notch on the side of good, or will evil prevail?


The Mystic Notch series is free with Kindle Unlimited on Amazon. Find this book on Amazon.


To learn more about all of Leighann Dobb’s series and projects, visit her website where you can sign up for her newsletter and learn more about this USA Today Bestselling Author.

There are so many other wonderful cozy mystery writers I enjoy and I will be talking about them more in the future.

Until the next chapter…