Y’all! I am so excited About “A Killer Latte” Book Six in the Super Popular Killer Coffee Series by Tonya Kappes.


Did you see how I said Y’all? I am from New England and we don’t say that here, but I can’t help myself after reading this Cozy Southern Mystery Series.

The first book I read by Tonya Kappes was Scene of the Grind, Book 1 in the Killer Coffee Series. I fell in LOVE with that book and quickly became addicted to this series and the loveable characters.

Book 6, Killer Latte is releasing on 4/23/19 and I got my grabby hands on an early copy.

About the Book:

Light, camera, lattes!

A film production crew is wrapping up a major movie filming in Honey Springs, Kentucky.

Everyone is excited. The production crew has brought the bright lights to the tourist town and The Bean Hive has been supplying the production crew with unlimited treats and coffee.

When film actress Daisy Lemon comes in for a taste of the Star Studded Latte being served at the Bean Hive, Roxy Bloom is excited to serve her one. It would be good for promotion for Roxy to get a photo of the famous actress drinking her creation, only Roxy is witness to Daisy’s kidnapping.

The Star Studded Latte is now know as the Kidnap Latte, bringing national attention to the Bean Hive, attention that’s not necessarily welcome.

With production on hold and Stephen Lemon, Daisy’s husband, as the number one suspect, Roxy puts back on her law hat to help Stephen not only clear his name, but find Daisy before Honey Springs is no longer known for the cute, southern, lake tourist town due to the sudden spotlight on the cozy town.

 Here is my review:

A Killer Latte is Book 6 is the absolutely fantastic sizzling Killer Coffee Series.

Welcome back to Honey Springs, my favorite small town in Kentucky. There is a lot of excitement due to a Hollywood movie being filmed right in Honey Springs! Roxy is right in the mist of another (several) mysteries that she is determined to solve. 

The plot was masterfully crafted with several surprises. The author manages to pull off several different intertwined mysteries expertly done leaving you guessing until the very end. 

The characters are lovable and relateable and the cast of supporting characters sneak into your heart in a way you don’t expect. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the recipes included in the book. I am from New England and when the author described the Kentucky Benedictine Tea Sandwiches I really wanted one! I am definitely trying this recipe as well as the Blueberry Crumb Cake! YUMMM! 

I truly cannot wait for the next book in the Killer Coffee Series.

About the author:

Tonya Kappes is a USA Today bestselling author and one of today’s most popular southern mystery authors.

HEY! Who wants a sneak peak? You can read chapter one of Killer Latte absolutely free on Tonya’s wesbite, just click HERE! While your there Sign up for her Tuesday Coffee Chat with Tonya. Its such a fun newsletter that goes out every Tuesday and there is always a fun giveaway.

Killer Latte releases on 4/23/19!!!! Preorder it HERE!

How about a giveaway???

Tell me in the comments if you have read Tonya Kappes before. I will choose one random winner on 4/30/19 to receive an ebook of Scene of the Grind, Book 1 in the Killer Coffee Series.

I am so excited for release day tomorrow!

Until the next chapter,