I am SO beyond thrilled to bring you my review of The Trebors by Caroline C. Barney on book blogger tour for Suzy Approved Book Tours.

About the Book:

Release Date: June 1, 2020

50% of the proceeds from EVERY book sold will be donated to Save The Children

About The Book: 

Series: Trebor Tales (Book 1)

“A girl from a race of tree-dwellers must brave the dangers that lie outside her home to save the people she loves most from certain doom.”

Bori is ravaged, the earth scorched, homes destroyed. Stella longs for the days of peace, where Trebors danced and sang, where her tree home held all she needed. Now devastation surrounds her and worse yet, her father is missing. He didn’t make it home before the storm ripped through the land. The devastated forest calls Stella to journey into it, to look for her father, and face down whatever hides in its deep crevices. But a shifting shape of evil lurks nearby and threatens to destroy everything she knows and loves.

Miss W’s Review:

5 Magical Stars!

The Trebors is an INCREDIBLE magical book ! This book is perfect for middle age children but will be loved by ages of all readers!

The Trebors are magical creatures who reside in a tree in the forest.
Stella, Snu and Ebert have to leave their home when a huge storm hits the forest and Stella’s father has gone missing. Stella’s father went out to get supplies.

That is when the real adventure begins and also the danger begins.

The writing is magical and uplifting. The characters are unique and well written.

⁣This is a magical fantasy book that I loved so much.

About the Author:

CAROLINE C. BARNEY was born in England, moved to Connecticut as a child, and now lives there with her husband, two daughters, and crazy dog. Before wrangling this busy crew and becoming a writer, she lived in NYC and worked in advertising. Today, she loves creating adventure in fiction and in life, as long as it includes being with the people she loves. THE TREBORS is her debut novel, and she is excited to share the next books in the series soon! https://www.carolinebarney.com/

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