Book Review- My Wife is Missing by D. J. Palmer

Today on the blog I am reviewing My Wife is Missing by D.J. Palmer. Thank you to partner St. Martin’s Press for an early review copy ! I am a huge fan of all of D.J. Palmer’s books and I could not wait to read this!

About the book:

Release Date: May 10, 2022

St. Martin’s Press

When a woman disappears with her two children, one husband will do anything to find them–even confront the secrets of his own past–in D. J. Palmer’s My Wife Is Missing, a twisty thriller from the author of The New Husband

A family vacation turns into a nightmare for Michael Hart when he discovers his wife and two children have disappeared from their New York City hotel room. Horrified, he fears they’ve been kidnapped. Michael’s frantic search to find them takes a shocking turn when he discovers that his wife, Natalie, appears to have left quite willingly, taking their children with her. The police want to know why, and so does Michael. But there may be a reason why Natalie ran, something Michael can’t tell the police—the truth about his past. While untangling his deceptions might be the key to locating Natalie, Michael knows it could also be his undoing. To find his wife, he must now turn to the one person capable of exposing all that he’s been hiding. Natalie thinks she has Michael all figured out and has hatched a plan to escape from him permanently. One detail, though, threatens to derail her efforts: sleep—or more accurately, the lack of it. Since the moment the shocking revelations about her husband came to light, Natalie’s insomnia has worsened to the point that she now suffers from delusions. Are her fears about Michael valid—or a symptom of her condition? With her children’s lives at risk, the stakes for Natalie could not be higher. On her own, running low on energy and resources, avoiding increasingly close calls with Michael—who is on the hunt and closing in fast—Natalie needs someone to turn to for help. But who can she trust when she can’t even trust herself?

Miss W’s Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My Wife is Missing by D.J. Palmer is an EXCELLENT psychological thriller that I enjoyed every single word of and every single twist!

The story is about Michael and Natalie who are having a tough time in their marriage. Natalie has been having trouble sleeping, with quite a bit of insomnia and she has found out anonymously that Michael is having an affair. So, to try to repair things and get a break, the couple goes on a vacation with their to kids.

Michael goes out to get pizza to bring back to the hotel room after a long drive to discover her wife and kids are missing!!!!!

I really enjoyed the multiple points of view that alternates between Michael and Natalie with a dual timeline of before and after they go missing.

The twists keep coming and when you think you have it figured out, there comes more secrets and deceptions that are revealed.

This thriller is perfectly plotted and cleverly paced with surprises at every turn.

The characters are complex, flawed and well fleshed out. Are they reliable narrators? I will leave that to you to discover.

The final twist and the end left me speechless.

I absolutely LOVED and highly recommend this fantastic book!

Let me know what you think in the comments~

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Book Review-The Amendment by Kiersten Modglin

My very last book of 2021 was The Arrangement by Kiersten Modglin and this was the first book I had read by Kiersten and I was all kinds of shook! I mean how in the world had I NOT read this amazing author?

Fast forward a few weeks into 2022 and I find out there is a SEQUEL! WHAT! HOW! NEED NOW!

I was fortunate enough to read an advanced copy and OMG!!! Just OMG!!!!

About the Book:

THE dark, scandalous, and completely twisted sequel to Kiersten Modglin’s #1 bestselling domestic thriller, THE ARRANGEMENT

First, there was the arrangement.
A simple, yet salacious fix to the problems looming in their marriage.
But when things took a tragic turn, Peter’s and Ainsley’s lives quickly fell into disarray.

Now, their secrets have been exposed.
They know the truth—about each other and their marriage.
As they struggle to move on from their past and the damage they’ve caused, new problems begin to surface.

Someone they love is hiding a catastrophic secret. The fragile ground they stand on is starting to crumble. Their family is being torn apart at the seams. And, maybe worst of all, a threat from the past is lurking, ready to unveil the things they’d kill to keep hidden.

They thought the nightmare they’d made it through was over, but the worst is just beginning…

Once, they vowed to do anything to make their marriage work.
Now, that vow will push every boundary they have left.
In order to survive, they’ll need to completely trust each other.
But can they?

Last time they did, things went terribly wrong…
This time, it might be worse.

If there’s one thing that’s certain, their secrets are too big to let anyone walk away ALIVE!

Let me know what you think! I am obsessed with Kiersten’s writing!!!

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Book Review-Fire & Water by Caroline C. Barney

Release Date: Oct. 5, 2021

About The Book:

The Trebors are in more danger than ever before. The tribe is divided, Mt. Bor spits fire as its caverns boil, and the Borian Sea holds a secret of its own.

When the malpeds flew away with seeds from the great tree, scouts are sent to retrieve them, but the power of the seeds is so great they grow immediately into a field of fledgling trees. Within days, the tribe is divided between those seeking a new way of life in the field nestled at the foot of Mt. Bor, and those choosing to stay with the great tree. But this divide has grave consequences, and life in the shadow of Mt. Bor is not what it seems.

Determined to bring the tribe back together and stop the forces that threaten the Trebors’ peaceful way of life, Stella leads the Trebors into their fiercest battle yet.

Can they bring everyone home to the great tree and stop the malpeds once and for all? Or is the tribe divided forever and the mysteries of Bori a force too great to ever be stopped?

Miss W’s Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fire and Water is the third novel in the Trebor Tales stories by Caroline C. Barney.

It is literally hard for me to put into words how much I LOVED this book.
I have read the first two books, which I absolutely adored, and I was highly anticipating this book!

Fire and Water can be read as a stand-alone story, but I HIGHLY recommend reading the first two books because they are equally amazing.

This is a book for all age groups that explores many things and that ultimate question of good versus evil. At is core, the story is about The Trebor’s who live together in a beautiful magical tree.

Without giving away too much, in this installment the tribe has split up and there is danger not only on the land, but in the sea and the mountains.

The tribe is all living apart in different trees and Stella is strong and determined to bring everyone back together.

Caroline C. Barney is an extraordinary storyteller. I love the literary descriptions of this magical place that lives in my dreams from her written word.

The characters that include the environment are so well written.

I truly hope you check out this series as it is one of my favorites of all time.

About The Author:

Caroline C. Barney is an award-winning author of The Trebor Tales series. She lives with her husband, two daughters, and crazy dog in Connecticut. She loves creating adventure in fiction and in life, and is passionate about bringing families and communities together.

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Book Review- Mimi Lee Cracks the Code by Jennifer J. Chow

I am so excited to bring you my review of Mimi Lee Cracks the Code by Jennifer J. Chow for Suzy Approved Book Tours!

Anyone that follows me knows I am a HUGE lover of Cozy Mysteries, and this is one not to be missed!

One of BookRiot’s Best Upcoming Cozy Mysteries for the Second Half of 2021!

Release Date: November 30, 2021

About The Book:

When murder follows Mimi Lee to her romantic island getaway, she puts on her best sleuthing hat with her sassy cat in tow in this adventurous cozy mystery by Jennifer J. Chow.

Mimi Lee just found an extra perk to being a pet groomer at Hollywoof (other than cuddling animals all day long, that is). Pixie St. James, one of Mimi’s clients and the investor behind Hollywoof, has offered her and her boyfriend, Josh, a getaway at her vacation home, nestled on beautiful Catalina Island. With the island just outside of Los Angeles but still far enough from the hustle and bustle, Mimi, Josh, and their cat Marshmallow (who, of course, wouldn’t be caught dead in a dingy pet hotel) are excited for their relaxing stay.

That is, until Pixie’s last renter, Davis D. Argo, turns up dead. Mimi and Josh’s romantic getaway immediately turns into an enormous buzzkill, especially when Pixie asks Mimi for help. The police suspect Pixie, and Mimi knows a thing or two about wrongful allegations. Mimi figures it couldn’t hurt to snoop a little since she’s already there, and soon discovers that a valuable item is missing. Except Pixie isn’t the only one in the neighborhood who has been robbed. There is something strange happening on the island, and Mimi won’t stop until she finds out what it is.

Miss W’s Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mimi Lee Cracks the Code is the third book in the Sassy Cat Mystery Series by Jennifer J. Chow.
I absolutely LOVE this series. This book can also been read as a stand alone mystery.

I love the romance between Mimi and Josh and Mimi’s snarky cat Marshmallow.

This book finds Mimi going on a getaway to Catalina. I love the setting and the multiple mysteries that Mimi gets involved in that kept me guessing until the very end.

The characters are well written, complex , fleshed out, and FUN!

This is such a great mystery with fantastic surprises. If your looking for a great cozy mystery, look no further!!!!

About The Author:

Jennifer J. Chow is the Lefty Award-nominated author of the Sassy Cat Mysteries. The first in the series, Mimi Lee Gets A Clue, was selected as an Overdrive Recommended Read, a PopSugar’s Best Summer Beach Read, and one of BuzzFeed’s Top 5 Books by AAPI authors. She’s active in Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and Crime Writers of Color. Connect with Jennifer online at

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Book Review-The Jennifer Files by Isla Moore

Release Date: October 26, 2021

About The Book:

Isla Moore debuts a delicious small-town series about taking risks, second chances, and trusting your heart to lead the way.

The rule was they couldn’t fall in love. 

But rules are made to be broken.

Empty-nester Alison English is ready to sell her too-large house and start the second part of her life. The only way that’s possible is to dust off her past author skills and accept the offer– and the unseemly amount of money –to ghost write a sizzling scorcher of a romance book. One problem: widowed for ten years, forty-something Alison isn’t sure she even remembers how to flirt, much less sizzle or scorch… Everything still goes in the same places though, right? All she needs is practice. And she knows just who to ask for help.

Will Fournier is thirty-one going on fifty. Single parenting a special-needs six-year-old and running a construction business doesn’t leave much time for socializing. Dating is out. He won’t risk someone breaking his daughter’s heart when the relationship inevitably falls apart. What he needs is an arrangement with a woman isn’t looking to get married or even go out on the town. A woman who will settle for convenient, no strings attached sex. In a perfect world, this fantasy woman would look like Alison, whose kitchen he’s been tearing apart. But someone as sexy and classy as her wouldn’t be interested in friends with benefits.

Even with strict rules set in place, spending everyday together brings Will and Alison much closer than in just the bedroom. And when emotions get involved, who will be the first to fall? 

Miss W’s Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Jennifer Files by Isla Moore had me swooning from page 1.
Second chance trope, YES please. This romance is sweet and oh yes spicy!
I love romance, and I absolutely LOVED this story and went on to purchase
the other books in the series.

Fantastic well developed characters, angst, and a wonderful story!

About The Author:

Isla Moore lives on a mini-farm in the swampy South where she wrangles dogs, kids, a spouse, and the occasional herd of deer or swarm of mosquitoes. She writes small-town Southern romances – a little sweet, a lot sexy, and always spiked with a bit of humor, just like her favorite bourbon sweet tea. 

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Book Review: Woodrow on the Bench by Jenna Blum

I am thrilled to bring you my review of Woodrow on the Bench : Life Lessons from a Wise Old Dog by Jenna Blum for Suzy Approved Book Reviews!!!!

About The Book:

The New York Times and internationally bestselling author of Those Who Save Us pays tribute to her beloved black Lab, Woodrow, in this beautiful memoir that recalls the last six months of his life and the ways in which he taught her to live. 

Life Lessons from a Wise Old Dog is a truly inspiring memoir about an old dog who became the center of a remarkable community. Jenna chronicles the precious, bittersweet days of her beloved dog’s final season while recalling the lively, mischievous, willful Woodrow of younger years. From tourists to dog-moms, from a handsome dogwalker to a mysterious stranger who helps Woodrow during a blizzard, you’ll meet the extraordinary people and dogs Jenna and Woodrow encountered on the bench—and laugh and cry along with them as they navigate their last days together. A story of devotion and community, WOODROW ON THE BENCH is for anyone who has ever loved an old dog—or sought to ease the transitions of grief, animal or human.

Miss W’s Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Woodrow on the Bench is a beautifully written emotional memoir by Jenna Blum.
I will say first and foremost I am more of a cat person than a dog person, but this book made me want to go out and adopt a dog!

Woodrow is Jenna’s well loved black lab who she loved beyond measure and brought her comfort and support when she needed it the most and filled the void of being lonely. Once Woodrow began to get sick, Jenna knew she would have to let him go and out of that came this memoir.

There was humor and alot of sadness in this book. This book was poignant, well written and flowed beautifully. I cried and laughed and reflected on my kitty Gaga who I lost 6 years ago to Cancer and who I still think about daily.

I highly recommend this memoir to all animal lovers

About the Author:

Jenna Blum is the New York Times and # 1 internationally bestselling author of novels Those Who Save Us, The Stormchasers, and The Lost Family. She was voted one of Oprah readers’ Top 30 Women Writers and is the CEO/co-founder of literary social media marketing company A Mighty Blaze. 

Jenna is based in Boston, where she has taught workshops at Grub Street Writers for over 20 years and lives across from Woodrow’s bench. 

Book Review- The Pickwick Murders by Heather Redmond

I am excited to bring you my review of The Pickwick Murders by Heather Redmond for Suzy Approved Book Tours!

Release Date: October 26, 2021 

About The Book:

In this latest reimagining of Dickens as an amateur sleuth, Charles is tossed into Newgate Prison on a murder charge, and his fiancée Kate Hogarth must clear his name . . .

London, January 1836: Just weeks before the release of his first book, Charles is intrigued by an invitation to join the exclusive Lightning Club. But his initiation in a basement maze takes a wicked turn when he stumbles upon the corpse of Samuel Pickwick, the club’s president. With the victim’s blood literally on his hands, Charles is locked away in notorious Newgate Prison.

Now it’s up to Kate to keep her framed fiancé from the hangman’s noose. To solve this labyrinthine mystery, she is forced to puzzle her way through a fiendish series of baffling riddles sent to her in anonymous poison pen letters. With the help of family and friends, she must keep her wits about her to corner the real killer—before time runs out and Charles Dickens meets a dead end . . . . .

Miss W’s Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Pickwick Murders is the 4th Book in the Dickens of a Crime Series by Heather Redmond.

I LOVE historical mysteries and I have read the first three books in this series, though that is not remotely necessary to understand the story or characters in this wonderful story.

The Pickwick Murders is a retelling/reimagining of Charles Dickens tale “The Pickwick Papers”.

This mystery is set in the Victorian time period.

I absolutely love the characters in this story. Ahhh poor Charles is imprisoned for a murder he didn’t commit and his love struck fiancé Kate is working hard to clear his name before he is hung, literally.

The setting is London during the year 1836. I loved how well the time period and setting was described. The writer does such a fantastic job with this.

The characters are well written and consistent with the time period.

A fantastic mystery that kept me guessing until the very end.

I highly recommend this book and the first 3 books in the series as well.

About The Author:

Heather Redmond is an author of commercial fiction and also writes as Heather Hiestand. First published in mystery, she took a long detour through romance before returning. Though her last British-born ancestor departed London in the 1920s, she is a committed anglophile, Dickens devotee, and lover of all things nineteenth century. 

She has lived in Illinois, California, and Texas, and now resides in a small town in Washington State with her husband and son. The author of many novels, novellas, and short stories, she has achieved best-seller status at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Her 2018 Heather Redmond debut, A Tale of Two Murders, was a multi-week Barnes & Noble Hardcover Mystery Bestseller. 

Her two current mystery series are “A Dickens of a Crime” and “the Journaling mysteries.” She writes for Kensington and Severn House. 

She is the current president of the Columbia River Chapter of Sisters in Crime (SinC).

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Book Review- Beware the Mermaids by Carrie Talik

Today on the blog today I have a review of Beware the Mermaids by Carrie Talik for Suzy Approved Book Tours!!!

Release Date: August 10, 2021 

About The Book:

Romance, betrayal, and an epic yacht race make Carrie Talick’s debut novel perfect for fans of Elin Hilderbrand and Susan Mallery.

Hermosa Beach housewife Nancy Hadley is no pushover. So when her philandering husband, Roger, is caught in flagrante with an opportunistic widow on their racing sailboat, Nancy sticks it to him. She tells him she wants a divorce–with the sailboat, Bucephalus, part of the deal, too.

Roger would rather make Nancy’s life a living hell than give up his boat. But Nancy has other plans. After moving out of their opulent home, she and her posse of girlfriends invest in a racing boat of their own to live on, and she teaches them the fine points of sailing. Meanwhile, and unbeknownst to Nancy, a big real estate development is under way that would destroy her beloved harbor and new home. When scheming Roger returns to ask Nancy to help capture the last committee vote–held by Nancy’s old college friend–Nancy prepares for battle.

Nancy is not skittish about taking a few risks, so in a bold gambit, she makes a bet with Roger: a showdown in the thrilling Border Dash Race from Newport Harbor down to Ensenada, Mexico. The winner of the race will get everything they want.

The stage is set for the race of a lifetime–and the tantalizing possibility of new romance for Nancy–in a novel as heartwarming as it is breathlessly exciting.

Miss W’s Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Between the Mermaids is a refreshing women’s fiction novel that was so refreshing I just loved it!
I love Nancy, the main character. She discovers her husband has cheated on her.

He is being a miser and trying to take her assets. She bets him via a sailing race that she if she wins , she gets to keep her prized boat.

This is definitely a character driven story. I love Nancy and her gang of friends.

The story is delightful with the message about friends, second chances, and loyalty.

About The Author:

Carrie Talick originally cut her teeth as a writer at the age of seven on sarcastic, witty postcards to her dad and then became an award-winning copywriter who wrote the script for the 2019 Super Bowl spot “Elevator” starring Jason Bateman as a friendly docent to Hell.

When she’s not writing, she’s working on perfecting a Bolognese sauce, rocking the lower third of her Peloton leaderboard, driving her teen daughter to the beach, sailing the Pacific, and listening to Bill Evanson vinyl with her audiophile husband. She currently lives in a coastal community in California. This is her first novel.

Book Review-The Sound of Wings by Suzanne Simonetti

Today on the blog I have a review of The Sound of Wings by Suzanne Simonetti for Suzy Approved Book Tours!!!!

2021 IPPY Awards Silver Winner in Mid-Atlantic – Best Regional Fiction

2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Winner in General Fiction/Novel (Over 80,000 words)

2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist in Inspirational (Fiction)

Release Date: May 4, 2021

About The Book:

Seventy-year-old Goldie Sparrows faces declining finances, questionable health, and a late husband who torments her from the beyond. She seeks refuge in her butterfly garden, which is filled with voices and memories from long ago.

Jocelyn Anderson is a struggling writer who finds escape from her custody battle in the journal of her late mother-in-law. As she gets pulled through the pages of time, Jocelyn discovers her own husband has a hidden history she knows nothing about. Is this secret now Jocelyn’s to keep?

Krystal Axelrod is living a life she never dreamed she could have. And yet the demons of a dysfunctional childhood and mean girl culture from her cheerleading days cast their shadow over her ability to feel whole, capable, and worthy. Does Goldie hold the key to Krystal’s path to freedom?

A masterfully crafted tale of love, friendship, betrayal, and the risks we take in the pursuit of justice.

Miss W’s Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Sound of Wings by Suzanne Simonetti is a beautifully written debut novel. I love butterflies, and I enjoy how they play such a unique role in this story. This women’s fiction novel alternates between two time periods , the present and the past which I enjoyed and helped tell the story better. The characters are complex, complicated, flawed and well fleshed out. There are three unique characters that seemingly don’t interact until the story unfolds. I love the garden setting in this story and would say that the garden is actually another character of its own. I enjoyed the secrets that were revealed as the story played out. I was truly surprised by some of the twists and turns. I enjoy the concepts discussed of family, friends , love and faith. This was a wonderful debut novel that I can highly recommend.

About The Author:

SUZANNE SIMONETTI grew up in the New York suburbs just outside of the city. After earning a BS in marketing, she spent several years writing press releases, until she left her corporate job to focus on her passion for crafting fiction. She lives on Cape May Harbor with her husband. When not on her paddle board or yoga mat, she can be found at the beach trailing the shoreline for seashells, scribbling in her notebook, and channeling dolphins for meaningful conversation. Find her online at Website:

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Book Review- Ask! Bridge From Your Dreams to Your Destiny by Mark Victor Hansen & Crystal Dwyer Hansen

On the blog today I have a review for Ask! The Bridge From Your Dreams To Your Destiny

for Suzy Approved Book Tours~

Release Date: April 28, 2020

About The Book:

Your dreams become your destiny when you learn the secret art of asking!

Most people have beautiful dreams deep inside—the things they would like to have, the relationships they’d love to enjoy, and the wellness and well-being that would help them express their best, in every way. But often those dreams lie buried inside us. Hidden by fear or unworthiness or a lack of awareness of what could be. Asking is the only language to which the Universe can deliver a solution, understanding, illumination, or plan.

You were born with a destiny. Your job is to discover it. Once you begin to practice the art and science of asking to discover your destiny and start to move toward it, you can manifest innumerable blessings for yourself and others. This isn’t a complicated process; in fact, it’s a simple gift that lies dormant within you. Once you learn to access that gift, everything changes for the better. Ask! will help you access your hidden dreams and reveal them to be recognized and fulfilled in miraculous ways.

You matter. The world needs you to find your destiny and live it. This book is your guide. Start crossing the bridge to your destiny today!

Miss W’s Review:

Ask! is a fascinating book that I would categorize as self help, but really much more than that.
This book was very helpful and one I read over a span of time as there were different examples and exercises to do, which I really enjoyed.

In order to get what you want in life, either in your personal or professional life this book teaches you how to be successful in asking for what you need.

It is really easy to get stuck and be fearful and not move forward or ask for help.

I thought this book was not only well written but also very informative.

High praise !

About The Author:

Mark Victor Hansen is a professional speaker who in the last twenty years has made over four-thousand presentations to more than 2 million people in 32 countries. His presentations cover sales excellence and strategies; personal empowerment and development; and how to triple your income and double your time off. Mark has spent a lifetime dedicated to his mission of making a profound and positive difference in people’s lives. Throughout his career, he has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to create a more powerful and purposeful future for themselves while stimulating the sale of billions of dollars worth of goods and services. Mark is a prolific writer and has authored Future Diary, How to Achieve Total Prosperity and The Miracle of Tithing. He is coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, Dare to Win, and The Aladdin Factor (all with Jack Canfield), and The Master Motivator (with Joe Batten).

Until the Next Chapter,