Book Review- Stranger in the Lake by Kimberly Belle

Today on the blog I am  partnering with Park Row Books to bring you  a review of Stranger in the Lake by Kimberly Belle.

Stranger in the Lake
Kimberly Belle
On Sale Date: June 9, 2020


About the Book:

When Charlotte married the wealthy widower Paul, it caused a ripple of gossip in their small lakeside town. They have a charmed life together, despite the cruel whispers about her humble past and his first marriage. But everything starts to unravel when she discovers a young woman’s body floating in the exact same spot where Paul’s first wife tragically drowned.
At first, it seems like a horrific coincidence, but the stranger in the lake is no stranger. Charlotte saw Paul talking to her the day before, even though Paul tells the police he’s never met the woman. His lie exposes cracks in their fragile new marriage, cracks Charlotte is determined to keep from breaking them in two.

As Charlotte uncovers dark mysteries about the man she married, she doesn’t know what to trust—her heart, which knows Paul to be a good man, or her growing suspicion that there’s something he’s hiding in the water.

Miss W’s Review:

5 stars!

Stranger in the Lake by Kimberly Belle is a captivating thriller that I LOVED! I have read every single one of Kimberly Belle’s books and this one is as amazing as the others. Kimberly Belle is one of my go to authors and I was excited to receive an advanced copy to review.

Stranger in the Lake is about murder (MULTIPLE murders!) , secrets, lies, and lots of history.
The characters are well developed, complex, flawed and complicated.

Paul is a rich man who married Charlotte, aka Charlie who is from the wrong side of the tracks. Paul lost his first wife and it seems as if Charlie and Paul are happy until Charlie finds a body in the lake.

The supporting characters are equally compelling. I really enjoyed Charlie’s brother Chet, who is used as a sounding board for every thing that is happening.

The story is perfectly paced with multiple twists and turns and an ending that will leave you shocked.

I read this addicting book in one day ! Highly recommend!!

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Book Review- Montauk by Nicola Harrison

Miss W reviews Montauk by Nicola Harrison on tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours!

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About The Book: 

Paperback Release : June 9, 2020

An epic and cinematic novel by debut author Nicola Harrison, Montauk captures the glamour and extravagance of a summer by the sea with the story of a woman torn between the life she chose and the life she desires.

Montauk, Long Island, 1938.

For three months, this humble fishing village will serve as the playground for New York City’s wealthy elite. Beatrice Bordeaux was looking forward to a summer of reigniting the passion between her and her husband, Harry. Instead, tasked with furthering his investment interest in Montauk as a resort destination, she learns she’ll be spending twelve weeks sequestered with the high society wives at The Montauk Manor—a two-hundred room seaside hotel—while Harry pursues other interests in the city.

College educated, but raised a modest country girl in Pennsylvania, Bea has never felt fully comfortable among these privileged women, whose days are devoted not to their children but to leisure activities and charities that seemingly benefit no one but themselves. She longs to be a mother herself, as well as a loving wife, but after five years of marriage she remains childless while Harry is increasingly remote and distracted. Despite lavish parties at the Manor and the Yacht Club, Bea is lost and lonely and befriends the manor’s laundress whose work ethic and family life stir memories of who she once was.

As she drifts further from the society women and their preoccupations and closer toward Montauk’s natural beauty and community spirit, Bea finds herself drawn to a man nothing like her husband –stoic, plain spoken and enigmatic. Inspiring a strength and courage she had almost forgotten, his presence forces her to face a haunting tragedy of her past and question her future.

Desperate to embrace moments of happiness, no matter how fleeting, she soon discovers that such moments may be all she has, when fates conspire to tear her world apart…

Miss W’s Review:

5 Stars!!! 

What an incredible debut novel by Nicola Harrison.

Set in 1938, Montauk on Long Island, at The Montauk Manor.
The characters are wonderfully crafted, some likeable some not so much, those love to hate type of characters. Each individual character is well written , complex and fleshed out.

This novel speaks to the differences in class especially during the 1930’s. The relationship between Beatrice and Harry is a familiar one, poor though educated woman marries wealthy man. But this story is so much more than that.

The story is compelling and dives into relationships , not only romantic, but friendship.

I felt transported back to a different time and I loved every minute of it!

About the Author:

Originally from Hampshire, England, Nicola Harrison moved to California when she was 14. She studied Literature at UCLA and received an MFA in creative writing at Stony Brook University. She is a member of The Writers Room and has short stories published in The Southampton Review and Glimmer Train as well as articles in Los Angeles Magazine and Orange Coast Magazine. She was the fashion and style staff writer for Forbes and had a weekly column at Lucky Magazine. Nicola is also the founder of a personal styling business, Harrison Style. She has spent many summers in Montauk and currently lives in downtown Manhattan. Montauk is her first novel.

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Book Review- The Good Stranger by Dete Meserve

Miss W Reviews The Good Stranger by Dete Meserve for Suzy Approved Book Tours!


About the Book:

Release Date: May 19, 2020

From the bestselling author of Good Sam—now a Netflix feature film—comes another Kate Bradley story about the nature of generosity and finding unexpected connections with strangers. Watch Good Sam on Netflix:


TV reporter Kate Bradley arrives in Manhattan ready to take on a challenging new position as a national news correspondent. When a massive power outage plunges New York City into darkness, the disaster she expected to cover takes an unexpected turn. Someone is leaving thousands of mysterious gifts throughout the city, and the only clue to the giver’s identity is the occasional note from “A Stranger.”

Together with handsome TV series host Scott Jameson, Kate must make sense of these random generous acts, which quickly escalate in scale and capture the attention of viewers across the country. In early-morning stakeouts and late-night surveillance, they crisscross the city hunting down leads, but the elusive Stranger is always one step ahead.

Menacing letters and videos addressed to Kate threaten to derail the investigation, but she’s determined to uncover the identity of the benefactor. The closer Kate gets to the truth, the more clearly she sees that even the smallest act of generosity can bring about powerful change. And it just may take her own selfless act of kindness to solve the feel-good mystery of the year.

Miss W’s Review:

5 Stars! 

I have been a fan of Dete Meserve and the Good Sam Series and I was really thrilled to read The Good Stranger, the third book in the series. I don’t know if a book could be more timely or uplifting than the Good Stranger.

Kate is now in New York and covering her first story as a political reporter, thanks to her politician father. But Kate is a good reporter.

I love a good mystery and the mystery here is one that will leave you with tears of joy.
People are doing good deeds all around Manhattan and it seems to be quite the mystery.

I always believe that you never know what someone else is going through in their own lives contrary to what may appear on the surface. A little kindness can go a LONG way and that is a central theme in this book and all of the Good Sam books.

I devoured this book , it truly has everything. Mystery, human nature, kindness, gratitude, and some unexpected twists thats I didn’t see coming.

Go buy this book. We all need this right now.

About the Author:

Dete Meserve is the award-winning, bestselling author of three novels in the Kate Bradley Mystery Series: Good Sam, Perfectly Good Crime, and The Good Stranger (coming May 19, 2020) and a fourth standalone mystery/suspense novel The Space Between. Her first non-fiction book, Random Acts of Kindness, co-authored with journalist Rachel Greco was published in March 2019.

Her novel, Good Sam, was produced as a feature film for Netflix Original Film and was released worldwide to strong acclaim in May 2019. The film was produced by Meserve based on a screenplay by Meserve and Teena Booth. The film stars Tiya Sircar (The Good Place).

When she’s not writing, she is a film and television producer in Los Angeles and a partner and CEO of Wind Dancer Films. Her 2019 credits include Executive Producer of What Men Want (Paramount), Executive Producer of Ready Jet Go (PBS), and Producer and Screenwriter of Good Sam (Netflix).

Meserve lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children–and a very good cat that rules them all. For more on the author and her work, visit


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Book Review- The Wife Stalker by Liv Constantine

Miss W Book Reviews is pleased to bring you my review  of The Wife Stalker by Liv Constantine on book blogger tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours.

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About The Book:

Release Date: May 19, 2020

The bestselling author of The Last Mrs. Parrish returns with a psychological thriller, filled with chilling serpentine twists, about a woman fighting to hold onto the only family she’s ever loved—and how far she’ll go to preserve it.

Named one of the most anticipated thrillers of the year by Goodreads, Bustle, SheReads, and Library Journal

Breezing into the tony seaside paradise of Westport, Connecticut, gorgeous thirtysomething Piper Reynard sets down roots, opening a rehab and wellness space and joining a local yacht club. When she meets Leo Drakos, a handsome, successful lawyer, the wedding ring on his finger is the only thing she doesn’t like about him. Yet as Piper well knows, no marriage is permanent.

Meanwhile, Joanna has been waiting patiently for Leo, the charismatic man she fell in love with all those years ago, to re-emerge from the severe depression that has engulfed him. Though she’s thankful when Leo returns to his charming, energetic self, paying attention again to Evie and Stelli, the children they both love beyond measure, Joanna is shocked to discover that it’s not her loving support that’s sparked his renewed happiness—it’s something else.

Piper. Leo has fallen head over heels for the flaky, New Age-y newcomer, and unrepentant and resolute, he’s more than willing to leave Joanna behind, along with everything they’ve built. Of course, he assures her, she can still see the children.

Joanna is devastated—and determined to find something, anything, to use against this woman who has stolen her life and her true love. As she digs deeper into Piper’s past, Joanna begins to unearth disturbing secrets . . . but when she confides to her therapist that she fears for the lives of her ex-husband and children, her concerns are dismissed as paranoia. Can she find the proof she needs in time to save them?

Miss W’s Review:

5 stars! 

I love the writing team of Liv Constantine.

The Wife Stalker is a well written , perfectly paced psychological thriller.

The story is multi-layered with twists at every turn.

The Wife Stalker tells story of a wife that is completely obsessed with having the absolutely perfect family, whether it’s her family or not.

The plot is compelling with well rounded complex characters.

This is a highly addicting book that I read in one setting.

Highly recommend !

About the author:

Liv Constantine is the pen name of sisters Lynne Constantine and Valerie Constantine. Separated by three states, they spend hours plotting via FaceTime and burning up each other’s inboxes. They attribute their ability to concoct dark story lines to the hours they spent listening to tales handed down by their Greek grandmother. You can find more about them at:

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Let me know what you think!

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Book Review- The Perfect Secret by Steena Holmes

I am excited to bring you my review of The Perfect Secret by Steena Holmes


About the Book:

Release Date: 5/19/2020 

Everyone has secrets — some deadlier than others

She was on cloud nine after accepting an offer of a lifetime. A simpler life that what you she was accustomed to. What could go wrong?

Starla Bishop learned to survive in the foster-care-to-jail system in New York City. There she learned the tools and skills she put to work later to con jewel thieves, drug traffickers, and mobsters out their fortunes. Now fresh out of her latest stint in jail, she accepts a too-good-to-refuse offer—a perfect life on a silver platter. Starla has everything she ever wished for: a simpler life, a normal life, a new start with new job, a straight job—a receptionist for Soil and Springs Landscaping run by a famous botanist. And it got even better—a whirlwind romance and engagement to her boss’s charming ex-husband.

But everything comes with a price. When bodies start turning up in the gardens of her employer, Soil and Springs Landscaping, Starla and her fiancé are hauled into jail for questioning. The revelation of Starla’s secret, previous life and her special skills make her a prime suspect.

How much does Starla want the perfect life, and did she use her special skills to keep it,  or is this just her biggest con yet? The shocking truth is closer than anyone thinks?

Everyone has secrets, some worth killing for.

Miss W’s Review:

5 stars! 

Creeptastic! Seriously fantastically creepy!!!

The Perfect Secret is an expertly crafted psychological thriller.

I wasn’t sure which end was up, and what to believe and the twists just kept coming at me!

Starla Bishop has a sketchy past and she’s vowed not to go back to jail until the police show up at her door.

The story is told in alternating timelines , present tense and years ago when Starla was just released from prison.

The story is multi-dimensional and creepy!!!! The characters are well developed and complex.

The murder mystery is beyond what you can possibly fathom.

Highly recommend this book!!! 

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Book Review- This is How I Lied by Heather Gudenkauf

I am thrilled to partner with Park Row Books to bring you my stop on the Book Blog Tour for This is How I Lied by Heather Gudenkauf.

This Is How I Lied Cover

About the Book:


Author: Heather Gudenkauf

Publication Date: May 12, 2020

Publisher: Park Row Books

Everyone has a secret they’ll do anything to hide…

Twenty-five years ago, the body of sixteen-year-old Eve Knox was found in the caves near her home in small-town Grotto, Iowa—discovered by her best friend, Maggie, and her sister, Nola. There were a handful of suspects, including her boyfriend, Nick, but without sufficient evidence the case ultimately went cold.

For decades Maggie was haunted by Eve’s death and that horrible night. Now a detective in Grotto, and seven months pregnant, she is thrust back into the past when a new piece of evidence surfaces and the case is reopened. As Maggie investigates and reexamines the clues, secrets about what really happened begin to emerge. But someone in town knows more than they’re letting on, and they’ll stop at nothing to keep the truth buried deep.

Miss W’s Review:

5 stars!!!!

This is How I Lied is a thrilling ride!

This is the second book I have read by Heather Gudenkauf and this is another WINNER!!!!!

The story revolves around Eve, who was murdered 25 years ago and is yet to be solved. The story is told in alternating time lines, 1995 and 2020, past during the murder and the current time.

The story is told in three different points of view, Eve, her sister Nola, and her best friend Maggie.

This is a well developed, complex, multi-layered well written story.

The characters are well developed and fleshed out.

This story kept me on the edge of my seat!!!! What a rollercoaster ride.

Highly recommend!!!

About the Author:

Heather Gudenkauf is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of many books, including The Weight of Silence and These Things Hidden. Heather graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in elementary education, has spent her career working with students of all ages. She lives in Iowa with her husband, three children, and a very spoiled German Shorthaired Pointer named Lolo. In her free time, Heather enjoys spending time with her family, reading, hiking, and running. 

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Barnes & Noble




I hope you LOVE This is How I Lied as much as I did!!!

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Book Review – Southern Sass & A Crispy Corpse by Kate Young

Today on the blog, I am bringing you my review of Southern Sass & A Crispy Corpse by Kate Young!


About the Book:

Publication Date: 5/26/2020

Kensington Publishing Corp.

On Georgia’s picturesque Peach Cove Island, a killer is serving up a two-for-one special . . 

After their mama’s passing, Marygene Brown returned to Peach Cove Island to help her sister Jena Lynn run the family diner, renowned for its homemade peach desserts. But Mama is never too far away—her sassy spirit haunts the island, and more specifically Marygene. Lately Mama has been warning her that the dead will seek her out to solve their murders, an idea Marygene is far from peachy keen on.

But that prophecy appears to be coming true when she goes skinny-dipping off the island and swims right into a woman’s charred corpse floating in the waves. And when Marygene and her brother Sam come upon a second burned body in a wine cellar at an event they’re catering, it appears they have a double homicide on their hands. It soon turns out the victims have more in common than their charred remains, and Marygene will need to double down to find a killer who has no aversion to playing with fire. Good thing Mama has her back . . .

Includes Seven Recipes from Marygene’s Kitchen!

Miss W’s Review:

Five Charming Stars!!!!!

Southern Sass and a Crispy Corpse is the second book in the Marygene Brown Mystery series.
I LOVED the first book Southern Sass and Killer Cravings and the second book was just as good!

As we recall from the first book, Marygene has moved home to Peach Cove Island after a BAD marriage. She is the baker at the family restaurant that she co-owns with her sister. She lives in the house that her mom left to her after her passing. Speaking of her mom, I LOVE that her moms ghost helps Marygene with the murder mysteries.

I love the character of Betsy who is Marygene’s friend at the restaurant. These two have a strong female bond. I like the relationship with Alex, which is off and on.

This story has everything I am looking for in a great cozy mystery. Well developed, complex, REAL characters, a bit of romance and a lot of mystery.

Add to that the great family dynamics, this makes for a winner! I cannot wait for the next book in the series!!!!

*** This can be read as a stand alone book, but I do recommend reading the first book because it is great ****

About the Author:

Kate Young writes Southern mystery novels. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and the Guppy Chapter. Kate lives in a small town in Georgia with her husband, three kids, and Shih Tzu. When she is not writing her own books, she’s reading or cooking.

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