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When I first became a blogger, my first ever blog post was about cozy mysteries. I talk to so many people that don’t know what a cozy mystery is. I love all genres but cozy mysteries is my go to genre on the daily! So lets chat cozy mysteries with Miss W today!

If you look at my blog you will see that at least fifty percent of my blogs are cozy mystery books or series.

So what is a cozy mystery?

Cozy mysteries , also called “cozies”, are a subgenre of crime fiction where sex and violence are treated humorously. The characters in these books are almost always amateurs and almost always women. The murders take place off screen and the violence is never described in the book. Sexual activity, even between married characters is only slightly implied and sometimes it is often avoided completely. These are clean mysteries that also feature animals and there are many that are culinary themed.

A popular sub-genre of the cozy mystery is paranormal cozy mystery which involves anything magical like ghosts, witches, fairies, wizards, you name it!

I am a huge cat lover, and that’s how I found the cozy mystery genre actually. I was going through a difficult time and I wanted to read a mystery that maybe had a cat in it and so I put “cat” and “mystery” in the amazon search field and WOW I got so many cozy mysteries returned. I read my first one and I was hooked !

Another fantastic thing I love about cozy mysteries is I would say the majority of them are a series so you get to follow your favorite characters as they evolve and grow and find more bodies, ha ha.

Cozy mystery authors are award winning, talented and hard working.

I have a list of my go to Cozy Mystery Authors that I am always dying for the next book to come out. I want to share with you my top picks for cozy mystery authors. This list is far from inclusive and I am sure you will find your own. Need a light fun mystery? Pick up a cozy mystery and become a sleuth!

Miss W’s Picks: 

Tonya Kappes, Carolyn Ridder Aspenson, Morgana Best, Mona Marple, Annabel Chase, Elle Adams, Sam Cheever, Ava Mallory, Jenna St. James, Summer Prescott, Susan Boles, Kizzie Waller, Lynn Cahoon, Ceecee James, VM Burns, Kathi Daley, Stephanie D’ Amore and Ruth Hartzler.

There are SO many great cozy authors out there! Who am I missing out on? Tell me have you ever read a cozy mystery?

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Book Review-Realtor Rub Out -Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

I have a Book Review for you of Realtor Rub Out, Book 7 in the Lily Sprayberry Realtor Cozy Mystery Series by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson releasing on July 23, 2019.


If you haven’t read this series yet, your SERIOUSLY missing out!

About the Book:

Bramblett County Georgia realtor Lily Sprayberry’s brand new listing is a hit, just not the kind she expected. 

When Lily stops by the staged home, she finds the dead body of another realtor lying on the living room floor. 

With only a week until her destination wedding, and no leads, no potential suspects, and no possibility to leave the state until the murder is solved, Lily’s sheriff fiancé thinks they should postpone their nuptials. 

But that doesn’t work for the soon to be bride. Determined to find the killer in time to say I do, she does a little investigating herself. But the killer knows of Lily’s knack for solving crimes and sets his eyes on her. 

Now Lily must race against the clock and catch a killer before the killer gets to her first

Miss W’s Book Review:

Realtor Rub Out is the seventh book in the Lily Sprayberry Realtor Cozy Mystery series but can be read as a stand-alone. I love this cozy mystery series and I have read every book in the series. 

It’s almost time for Lily’s wedding and a realtor visiting from out of town town is murdered! Since her fiance is the Sheriff and the best man is the Deputy Sheriff, the wedding is at a stand still until this murder mystery can get solved. 

The characters are well defined and fleshed out. The mystery is expertly woven into the story for the wedding. I love the humor and the southern charm in this cozy series. This recent addition is no exception. 

Check out Deal Gone Dead Book 1 in the Lily Sprayberry Realtor Cozy Mystery Series. You will be glad you did!!!! I cannot wait for the next installment of this fun southern cozy series.

Speaking of Deal Gone Dead, did you know that Deal Gone Dead is available to read for free in PRIME READING!!!!!


About the Author:



Even though I’ve always wanted to be a writer, I also wanted to support myself, so instead of following that dream, I opted to get a job with a regular paycheck. When my mother died in 2009, and then I lost my father less than a year later, I decided to take the leap. I wanted to find a way to honor my parents, to keep their memories alive, and I did that with my first book, Unfinished Business. That book went to number one all over Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and sat happily in the top one hundred books sold in each for over a week. I received hundreds of emails from people who felt that little semi-mystery gave them hope, that it made them find comfort when they needed it most, and that they wished they had a friend like Mel. I was hooked. I don’t write for the money (though the money is nice sometimes). I write for those emails, and knowing I’m doing what I love, finally. If my writing takes people away from their worries for even a short period of time, I’m a lucky gal. I hope my parents can read in Heaven.

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Author Spotlight-Ruth Hartzler

I love when I find a new author and I can’t wait to share a cozy mystery author that is new to me!

The Amish Cupcake Cozy Mystery series is a new favorite of mine.

About the Series: 

When her husband of thirty years runs off with a college student named Cherri, Jane Delight returns to Pennsylvania to work in her Amish sister’s cupcake store. Having lost everything in the divorce, Jane now finds herself sharing an apartment with two elderly ladies and their quirky cat.
But there is no time to despair. A man is murdered in the cupcake store, and now Jane and her sister, Rebecca, are the prime suspects. Enter brooding detective Damon McLeod, a Scot with a tragic past and a desire for justice.

Can Jane solve the murder, wrangle her new roommates, and stop herself from falling for the detective?

Or will she never get her new life on track?

Book 1: True Confections


Miss W’s Review of True Confections:

The book opens with Jane Delight (LOVE THAT NAME) and her husband go out for her 50th birthday to a fancy restaurant, which is very uncharacteristic of him. That could be because he is dumping her for his mistress who is pregnant with their baby. Not only that, but she is getting nothing in the divorce because as much as he would like to help her out, she signed a prenup and they need the money for the baby. Oh and they need the house to so get going! I laughed so much at the opening paragraph because this is so relateable and obviously her husband did this in public so she wouldn’t freak out. 

Flash forward six months and Jane has settled into an apartment over her sister’s cupcake store. Luckily Jane has a twin sister who takes her in. Only thing is her sister is Amish and Jane has lost that community a long time ago.

I absolutely loved this book! The characters were likeable and fun. The story was well developed and I loved reading about the Amish community. This is a sweet clean mystery which will leave you guessing who done it. 

BONUS! There are two Amish Recipes which I am totally trying. Shoo-fly Pie sounds yummy!

Book 2: Previous Confections


Miss W’s Review of Previous Confections:

Previous Confections is Book 2 in the Amish Cupcake Cozy Mystery series. I really enjoyed Book 1 True Confections and I loved this book just as much. 

Seems as if Jane’s worst nightmare came true, meeting, Cherri, her ex=husbands new wife, and whats worse is that Cherri wants to team up with Jane to solve a murder. Add to the fact that Jane’s sister had a broken arm and Jane is in charge of operating the cupcake store with a bit of help from Matilda, Eleanor, and lets not forget Mr. Crumbles the kitty . I love Mr. Crumbles! 

I really enjoy the character development and how relateable Jane is. The mystery is some twists and turns which is enjoyable and did I mention that I love Mr. Crumbles, he’s quite the snarky one and naughty! 

This is a great whodunit in which I did not guest the murderer at all, not even close. 

Book 3: Confection is Good for the Soul


Miss W’s Review of Confection is Good for the Soul:

Confection is Good for the Soul is Book 3 in the Amish Cupcake Cozy Mystery Series. I have really come to LOVE this series. 

This is a great read. It is the third book and does stand alone, but if I were you I would read the first two FANTASTIC books in this series to get some back story.

I laughed out loud as some parts and there are twists to keep you guessing to the last page. 

This is very well written mystery with great characters that I adore! 

All books by Ruth Hartzler are clean and wholesome, and have happy, feel-good endings!

Stay tuned for more books in this great series!

Ruth Hartlzer is not only a Best Selling Cozy Mystery Author, she is a best selling author of Christian Romantic Suspense, and Amish Romance.

I am excited to share with you that Ruth has a story in an incredible box set releasing on 8/6/19!!!!

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Start your summer off right with 16 gripping and never-before published tales of Christian suspense from today’s most popular mystery and suspense authors.

Join Mary Alford, Christy Barritt, Patricia Bradley, Vannetta Chapman, Mary Ellis, Debby Giusti, Rachel J. Good, Ruth Hartzler, Shaen Layle, Ruth Logan Herne, Loree Lough, Elizabeth Ludwig, Nancy Mehl, Serena B. Miller, Samantha Price, Alana Terry on a dangerous journey filled with mystery, suspense, and faith that that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.


I hope you enjoyed learning more about a new FAVORITE author that tells amazing stories in multiple genres.

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Book Tour-Sea Witch Cozy Mysteries-Morgana Best-Giveaway!

Anyone that has followed me for any period of time knows I LOVE cozy mysteries and cozy paranormal mysteries are my favorite!!! I am super excited to be partnering with Kate Rock Book Tours to bring you my stop on the the Book Tour for the Sea Witch Cozy Mystery Series Box Set by Morgana Best !!!


About the Books in the Box Set:

The Box set comprises all 4 books in the Sea Witch Cozy Mystery series.

This 4 Book Box Set contains Broom Mates (Novella) and 3 full-length novels: Broom With a View, Broom for One More, and the NEW, never-yet-released book, Broomed for Success.
Meet Join Goldie Bloom, a thirty-something, high flying real estate agent sent out into the wilds of quiet seaside Australia by the boss who broke her heart. She’s not expecting to move in with a roommate named Persnickle, discover she is descended from an ancient coven of sea witches, or find herself in the middle of a town with no coffee, but that’s precisely what happens.


Miss W’s Review :

If you love a cozy paranormal story rich with diverse characters and well developed characters this box set is for you. Did I mention it is hilarious??? Goldie Bloom is a funny, smart and well rounded , considering she just found out she is a sea witch. She is learning the ropes with help some friends and her familiar Persnickle. If you are a coffee drinker, you will LAUGH out loud at the storyline related to coffee. 

The mysteries are great and there is a budding romance, but I am not a spoiler kind of girl. Trust me , you want to read this entire box set! Morgana Best is one of my favorite authors and she does not disappoint with this. This is so well written you will not want to put it down! 

About the Author:


Best selling Aussie author, Morgana Best, grew up leaving Tim Tams for the fairies at the bottom of her garden. Now she lives with a half-blind Chocolate Labrador who happily walks into doors, a rescue Dingo who steals zucchinis from the veggie patch, and a cat with no time for nonsense. A former college professor, Morgana enjoys big bowls of pasta, not working out, and visiting the local lighthouse, where she tries to spot the white Humpback whale.

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Audio Book Tour-The Unfinished Garden-Barbara Claypole White-Giveaway

audio book tour new dates.png

I just LOVE audiobooks you can listen anywhere anytime. I am thrilled to be partnering with Kate Rock Book Tours to bring you my stop on the Audio Book Tour for The Unfinished Garden by Barbara Claypole White.

About the Book:

A love story about grief, OCD, and dirt

Tilly Silverberg is rebuilding her life with her young son, Isaac, one potted-up plant at a time. Since her husband’s death, gardening has become her livelihood and her salvation. Hiding out in the North Carolina forest, she wants only to be left alone with Isaac and her greenhouse.

New to the area, successful software developer James Nealy needs a garden. On a solitary mission to reclaim his life from irrational obsessions and relentless compulsions, he has a plan: to conquer his greatest fear. Dirt. One glimpse—or two—of Tilly’s garden, and he knows she holds the key. But when he asks her to take him on as a client, she refuses.

After a family emergency pulls Tilly and Isaac back to her native England, she’s quietly happy, because nothing has changed in her childhood village. Or has it? Her first love is unexpectedly single, her mother is scheming, and her best friend is keeping secrets. Then James appears on her doorstep.

Tenuous at first, but gradually taking root, James and Tilly forge an unlikely bond. As they work together to rescue a garden choked by neglect, they unearth each other’s secrets, each other’s fears, each other’s hopes—and maybe, a shared second chance.

garden table gif.gif


Miss W’s Review:

This is a beautifully written wonderful story that flawlessly handles OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) not only in a sensitive but also very informative approach.

This does not take away from the enjoyment of the story. The characters are strong, flawed and well fleshed out. The characters deal with real life issues in a way that many readers will relate to. 

This authors development of dialogue is real, engaging and at times humorous.

This story about love, loss and finding happiness earns 5 STARS from Miss W !

About the Author:


Learn more about the author HERE.

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Highlight-First in Series Mysteries-Sam Cheever

Not that long ago I was chatting away about Sam Cheever’s fantastic Silver Hills Cozy Series. I am now so excited to highlight a great First in Series Collection.

In this collection, you will recieve the first book in each of four different series by Sam Cheever. I LOVE this idea.


This collection launches you on a fun journey that includes starter books from four of Sam’s most popular mystery and paranormal mystery series:

Dose Vidanya: Silver Hills Cozy Mysteries
Humpty Bumpkin: Country Cousin Mysteries
Yesterday’s News: Yesterday’s Paranormal Mysteries
Familiar Territory: Reluctant Familiar Paranormal Myst

I have read all FOUR of these books and they are all 5 star reads!

Grab your copy for only $.99 on Amazon !

About the author:

Sam Cheever is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author. She writes mystery and suspense, creating stories that draw you in and keep you eagerly turning the pages. Known for writing great characters, snappy dialogue, and unique and exhilarating stories, Sam is the award winning author of over 80 books.

Let me know what you think! I would love to know if you have read any of these great cozy mysteries!

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Summer Snoops Unleashed!!!!

Do I have your attention yet?

I am so thrilled to share with you an amazing box set from some of my favorite cozy authors and all the proceeds are going to charity to help senior dogs!


Summer Snoops Unleashed is a 15 author box set of new novellas. Proceeds will benefit senior pet rescue organizations. Pre-order and new release price for the box set is $0.99.

Summertime Murders are RUFF!

Looking for cool cozies for hot summer days? Then you’ll love this purr-fectly paw-some cozy mystery boxed set from fifteen USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon best-selling authors.

We’ve pulled out all the stops with Summer Snoops Unleashed! Enjoy hours of fun sniffing out clues on sandy beaches, shimmering waterways, and at small-town celebrations in these brand-new stories full of wily sleuths,   cagey plots,  and unfurrgetable tails!

Fetch your copy now to get these furr-ocious new cozy mysteries and woof it up with us!
They’re howlingly good reads!

Proceeds support charities helping Senior Pets find their fur-ever homes.

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