On the blog today I have a review for Ask! The Bridge From Your Dreams To Your Destiny

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Release Date: April 28, 2020

About The Book:

Your dreams become your destiny when you learn the secret art of asking!

Most people have beautiful dreams deep inside—the things they would like to have, the relationships they’d love to enjoy, and the wellness and well-being that would help them express their best, in every way. But often those dreams lie buried inside us. Hidden by fear or unworthiness or a lack of awareness of what could be. Asking is the only language to which the Universe can deliver a solution, understanding, illumination, or plan.

You were born with a destiny. Your job is to discover it. Once you begin to practice the art and science of asking to discover your destiny and start to move toward it, you can manifest innumerable blessings for yourself and others. This isn’t a complicated process; in fact, it’s a simple gift that lies dormant within you. Once you learn to access that gift, everything changes for the better. Ask! will help you access your hidden dreams and reveal them to be recognized and fulfilled in miraculous ways.

You matter. The world needs you to find your destiny and live it. This book is your guide. Start crossing the bridge to your destiny today!

Miss W’s Review:

Ask! is a fascinating book that I would categorize as self help, but really much more than that.
This book was very helpful and one I read over a span of time as there were different examples and exercises to do, which I really enjoyed.

In order to get what you want in life, either in your personal or professional life this book teaches you how to be successful in asking for what you need.

It is really easy to get stuck and be fearful and not move forward or ask for help.

I thought this book was not only well written but also very informative.

High praise !

About The Author:

Mark Victor Hansen is a professional speaker who in the last twenty years has made over four-thousand presentations to more than 2 million people in 32 countries. His presentations cover sales excellence and strategies; personal empowerment and development; and how to triple your income and double your time off. Mark has spent a lifetime dedicated to his mission of making a profound and positive difference in people’s lives. Throughout his career, he has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to create a more powerful and purposeful future for themselves while stimulating the sale of billions of dollars worth of goods and services. Mark is a prolific writer and has authored Future Diary, How to Achieve Total Prosperity and The Miracle of Tithing. He is coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, Dare to Win, and The Aladdin Factor (all with Jack Canfield), and The Master Motivator (with Joe Batten). https://www.markvictorhansen.com/

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