You all know how I love my cozy mysteries, and more than that I love cozy paranormal mysteries, especially with some fun witches. Five  of my FAVORITE cozy mystery authors have come together and created a great series with such an interesting concept.

Would you travel to the past to right a wrong?

Solve a cold case?

Perhaps, catch a killer?

Meet the five witches that will! 


Book 1 Better Witch Next Time by Stephanie Damore Releases 2/15/19

Book 2 Devil of a Time by Mona Marple Releases 2/22/19

Book 3 Time After Time by Jenna St. James Releases on 3/1/19

Book 4 Witch After Time by Ava Mallory Releases on 03/8/19

Book 5 Right Witch Wrong Time by K.M. Waller Releases on 03/15/19

You can pre-order these titles right now!

Each book is a stand alone story with a different witch traveling back in time to solve a mystery! These fantastic books can be read as stand alone but are so much more fun to read them all!