Witch In Time Cozy Series

You all know how I love my cozy mysteries, and more than that I love cozy paranormal mysteries, especially with some fun witches. Five  of my FAVORITE cozy mystery authors have come together and created a great series with such an interesting concept.

Would you travel to the past to right a wrong?

Solve a cold case?

Perhaps, catch a killer?

Meet the five witches that will! 


Book 1 Better Witch Next Time by Stephanie Damore Releases 2/15/19

Book 2 Devil of a Time by Mona Marple Releases 2/22/19

Book 3 Time After Time by Jenna St. James Releases on 3/1/19

Book 4 Witch After Time by Ava Mallory Releases on 03/8/19

Book 5 Right Witch Wrong Time by K.M. Waller Releases on 03/15/19

You can pre-order these titles right now!

Each book is a stand alone story with a different witch traveling back in time to solve a mystery! These fantastic books can be read as stand alone but are so much more fun to read them all!




Elemental Witches of Eternal Springs-A Shared World of Witches!

I am so excited to share with you a new cozy paranormal series featuring a shared world of witches, coming to you in two days! I think the concept behind this is brilliant! There are four books in the series by four different award winning authors and each book features a different witch that has powers based on their element.

In the first book, “Bat Out of Hell” by Amanda M. Lee we meet Skye who is an air witch.

In the second book, “Spell of Disaster” by Leighann Dobbs we meet Lola who is an earth witch.

In the third book, “Hotter than Spell” by Annabel Chase we meet Kenna who is a fire witch.

In the third book, “Spell or High Water” by Gina Lamanna we meet Evian, who is a water witch.

These books are released a week apart which is even more exciting! You can preorder the series right now on Amazon.

I was fortunate enough to receive an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) of Book 2 “Spell of Disaster” Please check out my review on Good Reads .

I would love to know what you think of this series. I am so excited for Tuesday 07/10/2018 when the first book will be released!

Until the next chapter,