About the author:

Summer Prescott is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author, who has penned nearly one hundred Cozy Mysteries, and one rather successful Thriller, The Quiet Type, which debuted in the top 50 of its genre. As owner of Summer Prescott Books Publishing, Summer is responsible for a combined catalog of over two hundred Cozy Mysteries and Thrillers. Mentoring and helping new Cozy writers launch their careers has long been a passion of Summer’s, and she has played a key role in the incredible success of Cozy writers such as Patti Benning and Carolyn Q. Hunter.

Summer enjoys travel, and was a featured speaker at the International Writer’s Conference in Cuenca, Ecuador, in May 2018. The event draws writers from all over the world.

In an exciting development, Summer has recently been asked to write monthly for her favorite magazine, Atomic Ranch. Having been an Interior Decorator before giving up her business to write full-time, Summer is thrilled by the opportunity and looking forward to having her writing published in the only magazine to which she actually subscribes.

Summer is a doting mother to four grown children, and lives in Champaign, Illinois with her Standard Poodle, Elvis.

Let me start off by saying that anyone that follows my blog KNOWS my two favorite genres of books are cozy mysteries and psychological thrillers. I first discovered Summer Prescott’s writing when I came across her “INNCredibly Sweet” Mystery Series. It is a great culinary cozy mystery series.

When I found out that Summer was writing a psychological thriller featuring a female serial killer, I had to get my grabby hands on it. It takes a very talented author to be able to cross genres the way in which Summer Prescott does.


The Killing Girl Summary:

Til death do us part… 
Obsession can be a dangerous thing. 
Susannah dabbles in darkness, finding sadistic solace in the death of those who deserve it. But now she wants something more. Or, more to the point…someone. 
She’s on a manhunt. She will possess him, one way or another, whether in life, or death. She hasn’t made up her mind yet. 
He’s the only one who ever accepted her. Who even maybe loved her, in his own strange way. And then, he left her, which could turn out to be a deadly mistake. 
Her husband Tim, a mild-mannered mortician, has packed his bags and fled, a fugitive from his homicidal wife. She wants him, and what Susannah wants, she gets. 
Will Tim continue to elude his murderous mate? If he doesn’t, will he survive her peculiar form of love? 
This journey through the mind of a stone-cold killer will leave you on the edge of your seat. Close the doors, lock the windows, and get ready for a bloodcurdling ride. 

The Killing Girl is on sale March 15, 2019 and published by S. Prescott Thrillers. Want to learn more about Summer Prescott and all her books? Check out her website Here ! Have you read any of Summer Prescott books, cozy or thriller? I would love to know!

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