I am excited to bring you my review of The Perfect Secret by Steena Holmes


About the Book:

Release Date: 5/19/2020 

Everyone has secrets — some deadlier than others

She was on cloud nine after accepting an offer of a lifetime. A simpler life that what you she was accustomed to. What could go wrong?

Starla Bishop learned to survive in the foster-care-to-jail system in New York City. There she learned the tools and skills she put to work later to con jewel thieves, drug traffickers, and mobsters out their fortunes. Now fresh out of her latest stint in jail, she accepts a too-good-to-refuse offer—a perfect life on a silver platter. Starla has everything she ever wished for: a simpler life, a normal life, a new start with new job, a straight job—a receptionist for Soil and Springs Landscaping run by a famous botanist. And it got even better—a whirlwind romance and engagement to her boss’s charming ex-husband.

But everything comes with a price. When bodies start turning up in the gardens of her employer, Soil and Springs Landscaping, Starla and her fiancé are hauled into jail for questioning. The revelation of Starla’s secret, previous life and her special skills make her a prime suspect.

How much does Starla want the perfect life, and did she use her special skills to keep it,  or is this just her biggest con yet? The shocking truth is closer than anyone thinks?

Everyone has secrets, some worth killing for.

Miss W’s Review:

5 stars! 

Creeptastic! Seriously fantastically creepy!!!

The Perfect Secret is an expertly crafted psychological thriller.

I wasn’t sure which end was up, and what to believe and the twists just kept coming at me!

Starla Bishop has a sketchy past and she’s vowed not to go back to jail until the police show up at her door.

The story is told in alternating timelines , present tense and years ago when Starla was just released from prison.

The story is multi-dimensional and creepy!!!! The characters are well developed and complex.

The murder mystery is beyond what you can possibly fathom.

Highly recommend this book!!! 

Until the next chapter,