On the blog today I am reviewing Lily Rose by Deborah Robinson for Suzy Approved Book Tours!

About the Book:

Release Date: 8/25/20

Is blood truly thicker than water? After a desperate search for her birth mother, fashionista Lily Rose is forced to confront her turbulent past.

Love has set the tone for most of Lily Rose’s young life in Cumberland Falls, high in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. But her perfect world falls apart when her beloved adopted parents are tragically killed and she is sent to live at Red Rose Farm, in the Bluegrass. Lily starts high school and meets her first love, who introduces the idea of a much bigger world to Lily. This relationship spurs her to pursue the grit and glamour of the New York fashion world and a marriage that will nearly cause her demise.

Lily Rose follows Lily as she grows into a New York fashion icon and battles abuse, power struggles, and infertility. In the shadows, we learn about the young woman who gave Lily up and how they will collide. Lily Rose is about love and marriage, infidelity, infertility, and identity. It also calls into questions the old adages blood is thicker than water and nothing is more important than family. Will Lily Rose ever find what she has been searching for? And most importantly, will she be able to stay true to herself in the process?

Miss W’s Review:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Lily Rose is by Deborah Robinson is based on true events. I very much enjoyed this book it was heartbreaking as much as it was inspiring.

The timeline that alternates between the past and present, 30 years apart help to tell the story of Lily Rose and the different events in her life.

Lily was adopted at six months old and lived a happy life until at age 13 her parents are killed in a fatal accident and she is sent to live with her aunts and uncles. She has a dream to go to the big city to have a career in fashion.

This is a well written story with complex, fleshed out characters that I very much enjoyed.

About the Author:

Deborah Robinson is a fashion and lifestyle expert regularly appearing on the fifteen top media markets nationally and on cable talk shows. Previously, she was the national spokesperson for Petite Sophisticates, a retail chain of 350 specialty stores. She appeared regularly on national and regional television, as well as QVC, offering wardrobe and lifestyle trends. She was a contributing editor to Homes & Lifestyles Magazine and Palm Beach Style Magazine, and a regular fashion reporter for the WXIA NBC affiliate in Atlanta, GA. She was also the national fashion coordinator for Sarah Coventry, the largest costume jewelry company in the world. She lives in Palm Beach, Florida.

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