On the Blog today, I have a review for Both are True by Reyna Marder Gentin for Suzy Approved Book Tours!

Release Date: October 5, 2021

About The Book:

Judge Jackie Martin’s job is to impose order on the most chaotic families in New York City. So how is she blindsided when the man she loves walks out on her?

Jackie Martin is a woman whose intelligence and ambition have earned her a coveted position as a judge on the Manhattan Family Court-and left her lonely at age 39. When she meets Lou Greenberg, Jackie thinks she’s finally found someone who will accept her exactly as she is. But when Lou’s own issues, including an unresolved yearning for his ex-wife, make him bolt without explanation, Jackie must finally put herself under the same microscope as the people she judges. When their worlds collide in Jackie’s courtroom, she learns that sometimes love’s greatest gift is opening you up to love others.

Miss W’s Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Both are True is a compelling legal drama. This book was hard to put down and I was engaged and captivated from the first page until the last.

The main character, Jackie Martin is a family court judge. Her entire world is rocked when her boyfriend Lou, leaves her and only a note is left behind. The breakup really does a number on her and she is questioning and doubting all aspects of her life. All she wants is Lou back and she really thinks that if she gets Lou back everything will be better.

One day one of Lou’s family ends up in her courtroom and she is faced with a terrible moral choice.
One that will effect not only her life, but many others.

When a member of Lou’s family ends up in her courtroom, Jackie is faced with the difficult choice between her career and her relationship. But maybe there’s a way to have both? If women can supposedly have it all, could there be a way for her to have her cake and eat it too?

The characters are well written, complex, flawed and well fleshed out.

The story left me questioning what I would do. The themes of love lost and trying everything to get that person back thinking it will fix everything is one that I related to.

This is really a fantastic book that I really enjoyed. 

About The Author:

Reyna Marder Gentin grew up in Great Neck, New York. She attended college and law school at Yale. For many years, she practiced as an appellate attorney with a public defender’s office before turning to writing full time. Reyna has studied at the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College, and her work has been published widely online and in print. Her debut novel, a romantic legal thriller entitled UNREASONABLE DOUBTS, was named a finalist for the Women’s Fiction Writers Association Star Award in 2019. Her first novel for children, MY NAME IS LAYLA, (TouchPoint Press, January, 2021) is the story of a young teen with undiagnosed dyslexia. Reyna’s latest novel, BOTH ARE TRUE, is contemporary fiction set in New York City, and is available for pre-order now. It will be published in October, 2021, by Moonshine Cove Press. Reyna lives with her family in Scarsdale, New York. To learn more, please visit www.reynamardergentin.com.

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