I cannot believe it is 2019 Already! How did everyone do with their reading goals? I know not everyone has them, but I find it to be a fun way to look back and see what I read. In 2018, I read 157 books, not too shabby. I have a goal of 200 for 2019.

Instead of highlighting books I read in 2018, I am choosing to highlight some new to me authors. So today I wanted to talk about a new to me author, Cathy Lamb. 

I feel like I must of been hiding under a rock to have not found her writing before this year. I read her newest book, The Man She Married and I was blown away! 5 glorious amazing stars!

Read my review of the Man She Married on  Goodreads . Did you know today you can grab this amazing book on Amazon for only $2.99? That is a steal! 

This was the first book I read of Cathy Lamb’s and I have gone on to read two more of her books in 2018 that were equally as fabulous! Check out her website to learn more about Cathy Lamb. 

Comment and let me know what your reading and if you have found any great new to you authors in 2018! 

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Photo by Wendy van Zyl on Pexels.com